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Web Design

In this day and age of handheld devices, it’s becoming crucial to have a website for your business. It is a place where potential customers are browsing at the comfort of their own fingertips, educating themselves before making a buying decision. There are so many options of products and services out there, this helps them find exactly what serves their needs without the pressure of a sales environment.
Your customers want to ensure that you have something to offer them that is beyond the basics of your industry. They want to see that your company is striving, that your customers have good things to say about you, and that you are a trustable reputable business. If your businesses web presence falls short, your webpage may turn potential customers in the direction of your competition. With our help, we can build or rebuild your companies digital presence and help you become relevant in this digital age.

Search Engine Optimization

Successful business owners, some Website designers, and even some SEO agencies do not fully understand what it takes to get to the top of Google’s search results. They might be implementing a few ranking factors like social media building, blogging, or link building, but they are usually missing several important pieces to the puzzle. They might also be using spammy foreign links or keyword stuffing and Google can easily sniff these tactics out. Then it’s just a matter of time before Google de-indexes your website and you lose your rankings and traffic. They don’t know Google’s algorithm like we do. There are so many working components that accumulate to getting Google’s trust, and if it is done incorrectly your business is usually what suffers. Please get the right company to do this from the start. It might cost more upfront and it might take a little longer, but it is worth it in the long run. With our tried and tested formula for getting page 1 results, we can safely and securely get you to the top.

Social Media Management

Want to build an online community around your business and don’t know where to start?
Maybe you’ve never used sites like Facebook or Twitter or you have and can’t figure out how to get more likes, follows, and shares. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to manage it all. You’re not alone. We can help you get setup and get a steady flow of relevant content sharing to your social properties on a scheduled basis. We can send a steady stream of quality articles to your blog that syndicate smoothly out to your online social network. We can help manage these social media profiles to keep your company or brand fresh in your customer’s mind. Having a professional SEO agency develop your social media profiles will help ensure that they are done with search engines in mind giving you the link juice and social signals Google likes to see. Let’s face it, it’s time-consuming creating content that has value and building up matching pictures and videos can be a full-time job. Free Yourself, let us take this off your shoulders so you can run your business smoothly.

Video Marketing

Using videos to engage with your customer will help them get a feel for your company. Meeting your business online makes you more approachable in person and helps you stand out from your competition. Today, just about everybody has a smartphone and it is getting easier and easier to surf the Internet and watch YouTube. Since Google owns YouTube, high-volume video likes & shares can lead to higher rankings on both platforms ultimately delivering you more traffic. Giving your potential customer more value about your business solutions helps them build a stronger relationship with your company. Facebook is an easy way for a friend to refer your product and service just by sharing or liking your video post.

Examples can include customer video testimonials and reviews which can sell your value, how-to/demonstration videos about your products/services, videos about promotions and events, and videos that tell your story or show your process.

E-commerce Solutions

Have a product or products you would like to sell? You can have an online shop and you don’t even have to have a physical storefront! It’s awesome. Or do you already have a physical storefront, then let’s get you online. More and more businesses are moving in this direction to have a Competitive Edge. Clicks are beating bricks. Big box stores are scrambling to catch back up with giants like Amazon. Website development is an essential component of a successful online shop. It needs to appear trustworthy, makes a statement, and is unique and clever. We have a team that is experienced in branding and can help you with your unique value proposition, content development, mission statement, logo design, and overall consistency throughout your website. When utilizing our SEO strategies, we can help point and position your site through different social media platforms to move you to the top of the search listings.

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