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As time goes on more and more people are using technology to help them navigate through life. It is going to be the difference between having a successful business that can be found on the 1st page of Google and a business that ultimately ends up never getting found.

Our simple 4 step approach builds a strong SEO campaign getting our clients results.

Our 4 step SEO process

Step 1

Research your niche, company, and competition. Find your target keywords. What terms are you already ranking for? What terms are getting your competition their traffic?

Step 2

Adapt or re-create your Website for optimal on-page SEO filling your site full of relevant high-quality content. Optimize Your Website with custom branding as well as honing into Specific Keywords describing your services and products you provide in a very natural and organic way.

Step 3

Build Your Online presence by creating a network of connections to trustable websites and Social Media. Utilize Your Website Properties together for optimal traffic results!

Step 4

Strategically Build Authority in your niche + location by continuously generating quality content and powerful backlinks. Getting safely connected to top ranking sites directly related to your company and industry.

Step 1 – Research

Performing market research is one of the very 1st services a good SEO company performs. Finding out more about your market is an essential step towards knowing if SEO services are right for your business, as well as knowing your customer better. It is a vital component when creating a powerful and effective marketing and SEO campaign. Otherwise, a lot of time and money will be lost in advertising to everybody versus your unique services tailored to who your actual client is and what they are looking for.
Please remember, however, performing market research is just one part of the, “Big SEO Picture.” This is like the practice and training before the big game. A successful SEO company will take time to thoroughly learn not just about your market, but about your company and its unique value proposition. Then they will be able to utilize their specific industry tools to transform search engine rankings for your benefit. This truly is an art in itself.

seo market keyword research
SEO Keywords

Now that this SEO consultant has more understanding of your market and your potential prospects, it’s time to start digging into the exact keywords that these customers are searching for using Google, Yahoo, and Bing. How many customers are searching for it in your local area or nationally, and how much competition is honing in on those particular set of keywords.
Unfortunately, we have seen quite a few businesses building a website prior to performing keyword research and end up spending a lot of time, money and work on it with no clear target in mind. These clients end up having to redo their website and restructure it from the ground up so that their content encompasses the most powerful keyword phrases within their specific niche. If you feel this way about your site, please realize you are not the only one, especially if you have an older site. Times have changed and keywords have a huge impact on how websites are made today.

Conducting this type of keyword exploration, the digital marketing expert see’s the language your niche specific customer is searching for on the major search engines. Getting an outside perspective can help you see your unique traits. Knowing what your prospective customer is typing is an essential step towards tailoring the “right” content on your site and building relevant backlinks that give these keyword phrases credibility. Then we take it a step further using our amazing industry tools allowing us to look directly into your competition. Doing this allows us the upper hand and gives us a bird’s eye view of what really makes your company stand out. Getting to the core of this information does take time and not all SEO agency’s go to the depth of this very imperative process. To us, it is essential knowing how to place your SEO campaign into your Branding and Website design.

business seo analysis

Step 2 – Branding & Content

brand awareness

We want to work with companies and brands that are designed to make a positive difference in this world. Beyond people who just want to have a product and get money but at the core of their company they are somehow bettering the world. More than anything Customers want to relate to your businesses’ unique story and that is what sticks with them and turns them into your clients.
Brand Awareness is about who your company is, why you do what you do, how you do what you do, what is unique about your business and the overall impact your business would like to have on this world. We can help you reveal your unique business proposition. We fine tune your branding based off of the information you provide us in our initial SEO Website Analysis. By filling out our discovery page it ensures us that we know all of your core values and we keep them in mind when engineering your website, your digital assets, and managing your overall online presence.

We not only follow Google’s guidelines for good quality content but we’re also able to strategically place your content into other platforms helping your business be found when potential customers are looking for your services. We also provide the creation of content like writing articles, producing videos (tailored to YouTube, website ads, etc..), as well as graphic designed images (logos, Photoshop editing). To top it off, we can syndicate your content out to your social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all at the same time making your life easier. Having us by your side will help ensure that this will happen smoothly.
Once your website has been thoroughly researched and structured with your new niche specific content has been implemented. An experienced SEO provider will begin performing both on-page and off-page SEO. This will make a large impact to your business and it is what launches your website to the front page of Google identifying with the most desired keyword phrases in your industry.

seo website content

Step 3 – Social Networking

social networking seo

Building content and then sharing it across social media is what can link a virtual social stronghold around your website. This can show Google bots more trust signals that your business is legitimate, and all these people support it and like it. Potential customers are already spending a large amount of time using these platforms as a means of entertainment and a way to educate themselves. These sites can also be a great way for customers to tell their friends about your products or services. Being a part of social media means getting your business in front of more people using more channels. Social networks are search engines designed for users to engage individually and as a community. They received billions of searches every day and over a hundred hours of videos are added to YouTube every sixty seconds. When a business opens up to social networking and looks at social media as a search engine for customers, like Google, they realized how important it is to join them.

Step 4 – Backlinking and Building over time

After knowing which phrases are being typed into the search engines, we tailor your website information content to those keywords and build backlinks capturing those keyword phrases. However, not all Marketing companies have the moral code when it comes to creating these backlinks. There are no shortcuts for naturally occurring high-quality links. Too many unsafe “spammy” links are risky and links added too quickly to your site and you will get penalized and or deindexed. This means your customers are the ones who can’t find your business on the internet any longer. If you strive for a high-quality business reputation it is critical to partner with an SEO firm that isn’t overpromising by shortcutting time to get instant rankings.

SEO linkbuilding
SEO website ranking

We build trustworthy links that Google looks for when ranking your site. Google sees these links and notices there are a lot of people pointing at your site and Google will want to list you as a solution for people searching. If you have problems related to this industry like a set of keywords not ranking, or spammed links, we handle all of that as well.
Once we have structured and built a solid online foundation we draw Googles attention in by creating a strong, trustworthy network pointing directly to your website. When search engines see this steady growth they prioritize your business and branding with higher and higher page rankings. Search Engines trust the content providers that have a solid foundation and are getting a steady follow of growing visitor interaction.

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