SSL Encryption


Is your website secure yet?


Do you own an online store, have users send information to you via forms, or do you just want the SEO benefits? Secure Sockets Layer is the new standard. Having the “s” in front of your URL or webpage address (https) means more peace of mind and ease for your potential customer. Transferring sensitive data, not just payment data, but exchanging personal information over the internet needs to be encrypted so that it can’t be easily stolen.

Customers want to know when traveling across the world wide web that where they are entering their personal info has been verified as secure, and when they don’t see this they are likely to bounce off your site. Google sees this as a ranking factor, both the SSL and the bounce rate. Let’s face it this can be complicated, time consuming and unknown territory for a business owner who is busy running their business to manage this. That is why we offer this as an inexpensive way to make sure it gets done right and is less painful for you!


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