Ecommerce SEO Audit


Have a Store and want to see your health stats? This in-depth analysis gives you a clear picture and the insight on taking your business to the next level.


Have a great store with some great sales but now all of the sudden your rankings are dipping right along with your sales? There are some essential components to a successful E-comm store, do you want to know where your site measures up? First, we dive deep into your website seeing if your webpage is talking the same language as Google. Then, we can see if your site is easily adapting on multiple types of devices and how fast it is for those types of searches. We look at what could be better optimized, we can see where your current traffic is coming in from and how long they are staying and if you are missing conversion elements and what opportunities your site has.  Then we will show you what your site is winning at and what your competition is winning at and how to outrank them.


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