About Us

Our Company

We are a digtal marketing agency based out of Loveland, CO and are largely focused on utilizing Google to bring more traffic to your business.

The People Behind Digital Epidemic

Levi Bath


Computer Genius

“I have been in the information technology field from a very early age. At 15 years old I BMX’d over to the local computer repair shop and wouldn’t leave until the owner gave me a job.”

Ivy Bath



Ivy is a professional artist with an eye for design. She has been creating traditional art for decades. I highly recommend visiting her facebook to see some amazing paintings.

Our Kids

Our Kids


Lily, Lucas, and Corey are ‘the why’ behind a lot of Levi and Ivy’s goals and aspirations. “We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family.”

Cumulative Family Fun Stats

Here are some fun stats about our crew to give you a little more info about us

Nunchuck skills
Cumulative Art Skills
Cumulative Electronics Knowledge
Ability to randomly assign percentages