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As a leading Colorado SEO agency, Our company will help you package your information in such a way that Google approves it and promotes it. We believe in helping companies the “right way” and in return, we attract the right clients to ourselves. We use these SEO techniques not just on our clients but on our own online assets as well. These SEO strategies are essential for ranking organically and are tried and tested before ever being implemented into our client’s digital assets. Since the internet is evolving all of the time it is essential to be able to adapt and transform in new ways, but not at your expense!

With that in mind, it is important to know that we are connected to a large mastermind of marketing experts consistently staying up to date with the current industry standard best practices. Meaning that your business’s digital assets are not only protected by a reputable SEO company but we are also nurtured by a network of SEO companies that are on the leading edge of this industry. While we may perform our website building and SEO services here in Loveland, Colorado we offer these services to businesses across the nation.

I’ve been working on and in computers since I was 9. They are my passion. I’m always tinkering and figuring out new things that I can do with them.”

Levi Bath – CEO


Digital Epidemic was founded in Colorado in 2008 and has evolved into a company that plain and simply connects people to people in this digital world. We are in the industry to offer a superior service that encompasses Googles best practices.


We spend hundreds of dollars a month on various software subscriptions so that we have the tools to create, modify, and monitor your campaign. Our company is connected to an SEO mastermind organization that has helped hundreds of businesses grow.


We believe communication is key to successful business relationships. Which is why we include a monthly video report showing your noteworthy ranking updates and share with you any significant industry updates that could affect your business.


Here at Digital Epidemic, we charge a fraction of what Google charges for every click on a paid ad. We believe every business is unique and has different goals so we customize our packages to tailor to those specific needs.


Our personal success is built on adding to and serving the community around us. We are only successful if our customer is more successful. Your growth is our growth. Therefore we offer much more than just websites but help you build a whole internet community around your business, getting your website the traffic you deserve.

Digital Epidemic business growth

Harnessing the power of the internet to expand your business.

WORDS From clients

  • I found Levi to be a person with great recognition and deep proficiency of search engine optimization and digital advertising. He is a broad-minded, result driven, loyal and wise partner. Perfectly organized, energetic, and an excellent web expert.  

    deep proficiency of search engine optimization
    Erwin Caniba
  • It’s rare that you come across standout talent like this. Levi is a very productive person. An experienced Professional. Strong expert always ready to put in all energy and stamina to get the job done.

    experienced professional strong expert
    Rob Mitchell
  • Levi is one of those incredible gems that has a consistent stellar track record and proven results. He can always be relied on to provide "top shelf" quality with professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend Levi for all your digital marketing and business development needs!

    stellar track record and proven results
    Brad Schweitzer
  • Levi has a strong analytical mind and has always proved with excellent results to achieve higher in sales and marketing on the internet. He is always business oriented trying to increase as much as possible the ROI leading his internet arena. Finally, he is really open minded and always trying to help you. That’s why it was a pleasure to work with him.

    strong analytical mind with excellent results
    Thomas Northam
  • Levi has a tremendous capacity to recognize the task and promptly deploy the resources necessary to get it done. I have been impressed on multiple occasions with his ability to get the job done and create a "win-win" situation. Levi is very dedicated, and a pleasure to work with.

    get the job done and create a “win-win”
    Norma Anne Hutchison
  • Levi has been incredible to work with, his SEO & marketing skills are absolutely amazing and I would trust no one else to get the results you are after. There is no point having a great website or eCommerce if no one can see it- if you need results contact Levi today

    SEO & marketing skills are absolutely amazing
    Jo Ann McLellan
  • Levi has exceptional SEO/website skills. He cares about people and uses his abilities to build individuals around him. He is a gifted SEO expert and has a strong technical background and it shows.

    gifted SEO expert
    Jason Kelley
  • I have used Levi's services multiple times and have always been extremely impressed with the passion he has for his job, the inspired way he delivers, his breadth of knowledge, his down-to-earth character and his love for his mission.

    extremely impressed with the passion he has
    Michael James Fuertes
  • Every interaction with Levi has had me taken back with awe. He goes above and beyond to meet his client’s needs, and his constant communication at every step of the process will definitely make you feel that he is fully engaged in delivering nothing short of the finest. Don’t ever pass up on his services or opportunity to work with him!

    He goes above and beyond
    Sherilyn Colby
  • If you’re looking to dominate your local niche, look no further. Levi is the man to get you there, he comes highly recommended. He has a lot of experience and uses all of the proven cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver the best results possible

    dominate your local niche
    Suzana Roclord

Digital Epidemic’s Founders

We are art and Technology fused together, the best of both worlds

  • Levi Bath
    Levi Bath Computer Guru

    “I have been in the information technology field from a very early age. At 15 years old I BMX’d over to the local computer repair shop and wouldn’t leave until the owner gave me a job.”

  • Ivy Bath
    Ivy Bath Traditional Artist / Painter

    Ivy is a professional artist with an eye for design. She has been creating traditional art for decades. I highly recommend visiting her facebook to see some amazing paintings.

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